About us

About Us


In the world of the automotive parts replacement market, HICOStore® was born with the ultimate goal of offering only OEM quality spare parts, specializing in Automatic Transmission, Steering, Engine, Bearings and Lubricants.


It is the ability to satisfactorily respond to the obligations and challenges of HICOStore with its customers (internal and external), suppliers and the community in general.

Quality in products and services

It is essential for us to satisfy the needs of our customers, offering the best automotive products on the market and providing excellent service and advice.

Sense of belonging

The HICOStore team feels highly committed to the organization, giving the best of itself to provide the best service to our customers.


At HICOStore we always seek to optimize our processes, as well as inspire our workers to grow day by day personally and within the organization.

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We include in our culture the creativity to constantly renew and improve our customer services, likewise, we continually study new emerging technologies in the automotive field to be the first to offer them to the market.

Honesty and integrity

We act honestly and with integrity with our clients and suppliers in all organizational processes, demonstrating reliability in our personnel, products, services and in general in the operations we carry out.


HICOStore has a work team that interacts and communicates continuously to achieve customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of all its processes.

Win – Win

At HICOStore we believe in making decisions for mutual benefit, both with our clients and with our suppliers, this value is fundamental for the achievement of success in our interactions.


Achieve the satisfaction of our customers, meeting their requirements and expectations, providing timely automotive products manufactured under high quality standards, with controlled processes and a motivated human talent, highly qualified and committed to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system quality.

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