Bizol Brake Clean + c31 - 500ml.
Has excellent dissolving properties. It leaves no residue and is non-conductive and non-corrosive.
USD.$ 7.14 7.140000000000001 USD
Bizol Contact Clean + c32 - 400ml.
Has high dissolving properties to clean electrical contacts.
USD.$ 10.36 10.36 USD
Bizol Copper + L54 - 400ml.
High copper content to prevent wear and sticking of screwed connections which are exposed to very high temperatures.
USD.$ 11.10 11.1 USD
Bizol Unblock + f21 - 400ml.
An effective tool to unscrew rusty parts. Excellent penetrating
properties, contains graphite and MoS2, moisture repellent and rust preventive.
USD.$ 10.36 10.36 USD
Bizol Multi Clean + c34 - 500ml.
Removes non-polar and polar contaminations from treated and
untreated metal parts and various types of plastic.
USD.$ 9.62 9.620000000000001 USD
Bizol Diesel Intake Clean + c35 - 400ml.
Effective professional cleaner for the air intake, EGR system and turbocharger. It easily dissolves and removes all common deposits such as carbon, oil, resin and laquer.
USD.$ 20.35 20.35 USD
Bizol Gasoline Intake Clean + c36 - 500ml.
Effective cleaner to remove carbon and grease deposits, resin, rubber, and oxidation in the intake and throttle area as well as on parts such as valves, actuators, EGR valves, injectors, butterfly valves, air mass meters and carburator parts.
USD.$ 15.91 15.91 USD
Bizol Gasket Remover + c37 - 400ml.
Removes dried-out and hardened gaskets from engine and car parts, such as crankcase, cylinder head, oil pan, etc. It effectively eliminates layers of paint, as well as soot deposits.
USD.$ 14.43 14.43 USD
Bizol Rust Shock + f22 - 400ml.
Loosens seized injectors, glow and spark plugs. Creates a „cold shock“ (up to -40 °C) forcing the rust layer to break.
USD.$ 11.54 11.540000000000001 USD
Bizol Ceramic + L55 - 500ml.
For the use on parts that are heavy duty and/or exposed to high temperatures. Optimally suited for modern electronic driving safety systems (ABS, ASR, and ESP).
USD.$ 12.95 12.950000000000001 USD